GRACE’s Research to Substantially Reduce Poverty

approachCalifornia has the highest poverty rate in the country (23.4%) after adjusting the Federal Poverty Line to account for the high cost of living in our state.

The statistics are even worse for California’s children.

More than 25% of children live in poverty, and almost 30% of Latino and 30% of African American children live in poverty.

Poverty is a crisis in California and the future economic stability of our state is at risk. It’s clear that current funding and services are entirely insufficient to reduce the number of children and families living in poverty.

Based on solutions identified through GRACE’s process of analysis, conferences and work groups and in-depth research from the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, GRACE identified programs and services that if implemented will significantly reduce child and family poverty in California.

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This approach will change the face of California by significantly reducing poverty and child abuse, and saving costs in health care, social services and incarceration over the long term.

GRACE also conducted public opinion research to gauge voter’s opinions on child poverty and programs to reduce it.

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We now have the research that has clearly identified solutions. We must join together to address this crisis.

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