Conway Collis

President and CEO

Conway Collis

Conway Collis is President and CEO of GRACE, a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Daughters of Charity, dedicated to reducing child poverty in California. He has been a public servant and advocate for social change for more than four decades.

After work as a live-in counselor for delinquent boys and graduation from Stanford Law School, he was a committee counsel on the U.S. Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee and domestic policy advisor to U.S. Senator Alan Cranston. In 1982, Collis was elected to the California State Board of Equalization, California’s main state tax and revenue agency. Re-elected in 1986, he served as Chairman of the Board of Equalization. While on the Board, he wrote and sponsored the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, tax credits for childcare and the elimination of tax benefits for discriminatory private clubs. He later served as Chairman of the California State Senate Bipartisan Task Force on Homelessness.

Most recently, as a senior executive for the Daughters of Charity Healthy System, he initiated and proposed California’s Hospital Provider Fee. It has generated over $20 billion for health care for low-income Californians and $2 billion for children’s health care at no cost to patients or tax payers.

Collis is a member of the California State Commission on Children and Families (the state First 5 Commission), and is the founding board chair of the National Foster Youth Institute.


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